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Tucson Sports Massage

Sports Massage

If you’re somebody who likes to exercise and play lots of sports, you’ll know that there’s nothing like the thrill of competition. Whether it’s basketball, football, badminton, tennis, or running, you seek the adrenaline rush that comes with competition. However, competition takes its toll on the body as we age. Even if you only play sport casually, you’ll notice that the recovery process takes longer, and recovering from a few hours of exercise will take a few days rather than a few hours. 

Well, we don’t believe that anybody should stop exercising or competing when they aren’t ready to quit…this is where a Tucson sports massage comes in. If you’ve never had a sports massage before, you won’t believe the difference that it makes to your athletic performance. iBalance has a team of experts that offer both recovery treatment and preventative treatment. Let’s explore what this means! 

Tucson Sports Massage

What’s a Sports Massage?

The name might give the field away, but a sports massage is designed to treat muscle fatigue, soreness, and injuries in sportspeople. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an Olympian to benefit from this treatment (so there’s one misconception removed!). If you exercise regularly, in any shape or size, you could benefit from the skills of Tucson sports massage therapists. 


With regular massages, you can maintain flexible muscles. What’s more, you ensure that all lymphatic byproducts have been drained to prevent swelling and discomfort. While some people contact our excellent services to recover after an injury, others want to maintain a healthy body and prevent injuries, and both are effective. 

If you’ve been recently injured, a massage can improve blood circulation in targeted areas. In turn, this can reduce the recovery time. Meanwhile, those who want to prevent injuries will benefit from more flexible muscles and better blood flow while also preventing overuse injuries. 


If you’re interested in shortened recovery times, increased flexibility, injury prevention, and a variety of other benefits, a sports massage is worth considering. Depending on your condition and goals, our experienced professionals can give a full-body massage or a targeted massage. 


How Does Sports Massage Therapy Work?

Of course, this depends on what you’re trying to achieve. For instance, a pre-event sports massage is very different from a post-event sports massage. While the former will prepare your body for what is about to come and attempt to reduce the risk of injuries, the latter will help the body to recover after what it has been through. 

If you’re looking for a pre-event sports massage, the therapist will prepare your body for performance. With the right massage techniques, we can stimulate the muscles and boost circulation. With this, you’re less likely to experience injuries and stiffness on the big day. What’s more, we may also highlight potential injuries during a pre-event sports massage. A sports therapist will spot any injuries obtained during training and explain how these might affect you moving forward. 

On the other hand, a post-event sports massage is all about addressing damage to the muscles. For example, let’s say that you have recently competed in a local half-marathon or triathlon. In all likelihood, your tissues and muscles will be strained due to the effort required. Immediately after the event, you may not feel any discomfort…but this doesn’t mean that your tissues and muscles aren’t damaged. We recommend booking an appointment to relax the muscles and give them the best chance of recovery. 

If you’ve ever heard of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), you’ll know that it can creep up on athletes when they least expect it. You can feel fine one minute and then severe aching the next, and this highlights the importance of proper treatment after an event. 


Whether you just want to ease some aching or you have a big sporting event, you can benefit from a sports massage in Tucson. Remember, playing sports regularly is enough to warrant a sports massage to help your body, especially as you get older.

Benefits and Techniques of a Sports Massage in Tucson

After booking an appointment with the talented sports therapists at iBalance Wellness Spa, you can talk through the muscle groups that experience the most pain or discomfort. Thankfully, the techniques in this field are abundant so a therapist has a range of tools at their disposal to help. Depending on your needs, the therapist can tailor a plan so that you get the most from the experience and walk away happy (and comfortably!).

If you like to dig into the details of athletic performance, one of the biggest problems is a shortage of oxygen in the muscles while exercising. While breathing deepens during exercise, even the greatest athletes the world has ever seen cannot send enough oxygen to all muscles when performing. Over time, the oxygen cannot flush waste away and this leads to lactic acid. The longer this sits, the more soreness and pain are experienced in the muscles. To avoid this discomfort, you need to find a way to flush the waste away.

If you do nothing, the lactic acid will gradually seep away…but this means that you can’t work out or exercise without aching in the meantime. Therefore, it makes sense to utilize various Swedish massage techniques and speed up the process. By improving circulation, more oxygen is carried to the muscles and joints via blood. As a result, waste is flushed away and so are the aches and pains. Suddenly, you’re ready to exercise much sooner rather than being forced to wait.

While this doesn’t mean that you should get a sports massage after every gym visit, it does mean that you will benefit from a sports massage every so often and before/after big events. iBalance Wellness Spa has the skills, equipment, and expertise to aid your athletic performance. Why not give us a call today for a sports massage Tucson experience you won’t forget?

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